Representative Publications

Lenarčič T, Albert I, Böhm H, Hodnik V, Pirc K, Zavec AB, Podobnik M, Pahovnik D, Žagar E, Pruitt R, Greimel P, Yamaji-Hasegawa A, Kobayashi T, Zienkiewicz A, Gömann J, Mortimer JC, Fang L, Mamode-Cassim A, Deleu M, Lins L, Oecking C, Feussner I, Mongrand S, Anderluh G, Nürnberger T (2017) Eudicot plant-specific sphingolipids determine host selectivity of microbial NLP cytolysins. Science 358(6369): 1431-1434. [PubMed]

Podobnik M, Savory P, Rojko N, Kisovec M, Wood N, Hambley R, Pugh J, Wallace EJ, McNeill L, Bruce M, Liko I, Allison TM, Mehmood S, Yilmaz N, Kobayashi T, Gilbert RJ, Robinson CV, Jayasinghe L, Anderluh G (2016) Crystal structure of an invertebrate cytolysin pore reveals unique properties and mechanism of assembly. Nat Commun 7: 11598. [PubMed]

Rojko N, Anderluh G (2015) How Lipid Membranes Affect Pore Forming Toxin Activity. Acc Chem Res 48(12): 3073-3079. [PubMed]

Gilbert RJC, Dalla Serra M, Froelich CJ, Wallace MI, Anderluh G (2014) Membrane pore formation at protein–lipid interfaces. Trends Biochem Sci 39(11): 510-516. [PubMed]

Praper T, Sonnen AF, Kladnik A, Andrighetti AO, Viero G, Morris KJ, Volpi E, Lunelli L, Dalla Serra M, Froelich CJ, Gilbert RJ, Anderluh G (2011) Perforin activity at membranes leads to invaginations and vesicle formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(52): 21016-21021. [pdf] [PubMed]

Bakrac B, Kladnik A, Macek P, McHaffie G, Werner A, Lakey JH, Anderluh G (2010) A toxin-based probe reveals cytoplasmic exposure of Golgi sphingomyelin. J Biol Chem 285(29): 22186-22195. [pdf] [PubMed]

Anderluh G, Lakey JH (2008) Disparate proteins use similar architectures to damage membranes Trends Biochem Sci 33(10): 482-490.[pdf] [PubMed]

Journal Cover

Our research was presented on the cover page of Biochemical Journal. In this issue we described novel sequences with similarity to actinoporins and proposed a novel superfamily of peripheral membrane-binding proteins, AF domains (Gutiérrez-Aguirre I, Trontelj P, Maček P, Lakey JH, Anderluh G (2006) Membrane binding of zebrafish actinoporin-like protein: AF domains, a novel superfamily of cell membrane binding domains. Biochemical Journal 398: 381-392).